About Our Poles

        Tuna poles, like any fishing rod blanks are grouped by “action”, a term used to describe the shape of the bend under load.  Dave Clemens, in“Advanced Custom Rod Building”,writes “extra-fast action means that just the top 25% of the blank bends...fast action means that the top 33%  bends, moderate action means that the top 50% bends under load and slow action means a progressive curve along the entire blank when fully loaded.”

    Many blanks with large diameter butts and fast taper/actions were built in the 1960's to 1980's to mimic older traditional bamboo lift poles, which were once the standard in bait fishing. These older poles with little bend immediately throw the full load of the fish on to “the user”.

   Our blanks are designed around a medium action blank of smaller sectional diameter.  The medium action allows the fisherman to lift the pole up to the 45-degree position before  pole is fully loaded. The smaller butt diameter makes it easier to hold.  From this point upward the blank begins to spring back similar to a loaded pole vault  and by the time the blank is vertical the fish can be released above the boats rail.



Different poles for different needs!


    We build six standard length poles on three different blanks. 

We can cut custom lengths on two of our blanks. 



Our models are as follows:

Fiberglass    Pure fiberglass blank -- Honey yellow stock                             

Standard lengths------ 9 feet,  9  1/2 feet for fast fishing,

school fish, up to 15-20 pounds


Composites   Carbon fiber / Fiberglass composite blank                                       

Black butt, Honey yellow tip stock

Standard lengths --10 feet, 11feet, 11 1/4 feet for scratch fishing,   

school fish (15-20pounds), especially longer poles


 "Grande" model (our newest)- Carbon Fiber / Fiberglass

 Composite blank, Black Butt, Black tip

 Standard lengths ----------- 10 feet and 10 1/2 feet this pole is

for large/very large cold water edge fish